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Sterling Mutuals Fee For Service (i.e. Fee Based) Plans have an industry leading $50,000 minimum investment.

Ideal for both registered and non-registered accounts.

Clients can lower their total fees leading to potentially greater long-term wealth.


This is an exceptional deal!

Sterling Mutuals Inc. Fee For Service (i.e. Fee Based) plans provide greater transparency.  Clients are able to see how much is paid to Sterling Mutuals and myself on a monthly basis.  In addition, clients have access to lower cost series of mutual funds which can lower the total overall costs paid by clients in the long run.

Traditionally, investors were often faced with having to pay commission charges for investing.  Clients often did not know the fees they were paying.  In addition, they were also locked into a companies' products for several years unless they were willing to pay redemption charges.  These are often known as deferred sales charges (DSC) or back end products.

Sterling Mutuals Inc. has become one of the leading providers of what are now known as Fee For Service (or Fee Based) Plans.  There are several advantages for clients;

  • Fee transparency - clients get to see the fees they are paying
  • No bias on investment recommendations - no commission paid to the advisor for buying or selling
  • Greater advisor incentive - the advisor is paid on assets managed so their is greater incentive to preserve or grow your assets
  • Potentially lower fees - clients have access to lower cost funds
  • Greater investment flexibility - clients can transfer between mutual fund families within the same account

Sterling Mutuals Inc. Fee For Service plans have an industry leading $50,000 minimum investment.  This is in comparison to the $250,000 to $500,000 minimum needed at most other places.