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Nelson Cheng

Chief Executive Officer


Founder of Sterling Mutuals Inc. in 1996.


Nelson established the company as an alternative to the traditional mutual fund dealer and has led its' transformation into one of Canada's premier independent dealers.

Sterling Mutuals Inc. was founded in 1996 and has grown to be one of Canada's premier independent dealers with over 200 advisors.

As part of the Sterling Independent Financial Network, advisors enjoy the benefits of having access to best in class financial products and services with the support of an innovative, advisor-oriented dealer that is committed to service excellence. Sterling was founded under three governing principles that remain firmly in place today.

Innovation - With the use of advanced proprietary technology and industry leading compensation model and services, Sterling endeavours to make it easier for advisors to do partner with clients while assisting them in running a more efficient practice.

Integration - Our back office staff is cross-trained, thus creating a fully integrated and efficient environment, allowing us to adapt and respond quickly to market and regulatory changes that affect clients.

Independence - We are 100% privately owned, allowing us to foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurialism while minimizing the bureaucracy that comes with many larger organizations.

We offer a wide assortment of non-proprietary financial products and solutions that permit our network of independent financial advisors to provide best-in-class products, services and advice to clients.

Using our innovative technologies combined with the professional support from our team, our advisors excel and focus on what they do best: providing unbiased and exceptional financial advice to clients.

By striving to maintain the highest business standards and conduct through the promotion of best practices, Sterling Mutuals Inc. is committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Being committed to the independent advisor, Sterling also has a comprehensive Life Insurance Division, Sterling Insurance Agency Limited.

Sterling Insurance Agency Limited stands behind all our advisor relationships by offering excellent professional business support:

  • In the marketing and sale of the right insurance products at the right time, to the right client.
  • Guidance in making sure client's finances are stable when their health is not stable.
  • Guidance in preparing for the “care-years”.  Tools in preventing the depletion of capital during retirement.